Month: October 2017

“HAPPY” Diwali

Thousands of years back when Lord Krishna killed the fiendish Narakaasura and Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after a 14 year exile, possibly they had a vision that with the onset of the 21st century they would set in motion a myriad of industries.

Welcome to another “DIWALI”. The Solomon Pappaiyahs and Vijays are back to ‘merselize’ you. Then you also have a feast of movies for this ‘movie starved nation’ which give you messages right from how to be a rowdy to becoming a TV anchorman ala Arnab. This day gives you the licence to consume to your heart’s content. Don’t worry the diabetologists and the cardiologists have stretched out their arms and are willing to embrace you.

I was concerned that demonetisation, GST and Global Warming would take their toll on the fireworks industry but Trichiites did not let me down. We are the 370th most polluted city in the world, 53 ranks below Chennai and 2nd most polluted city in Tamil Nadu. Hence, our hunger to be at the top kept us going and our folks went hammer and tongs to achieve this unique distinction. Ultimately we don’t want the pulmonologists to be out of business. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to fill our lungs with PM 2.5 and PM 10 , Sulphur di oxide, NOx and Carbon mono oxide. WOW! What a feeling. After all, sadly, we get this experience only once a year.

Aren’t we being taxed for Swachch Bharath? How do we make the government accountable? We are true Keynesians at heart and understand the real heart of employment ‘Dig holes and close them’. But for all this litter due to our diligent effort, how do we keep the corporation workers employed?

In the evening my family and i resolved to pay homage to mother CAUVERY, who decided to make a fleeting visit to Trichy. Little did she realise that she was creating undue pain for the construction industry. People thronged to see her and showered their love on her by gently throwing ‘Sundal’ wrappers and ‘Soft’ plastic covers.

Hence, Diwali has come in and gone out as a gentle breeze with all its freshness, vivacity and pristineness.

So Diwalis may come and Diwalis may go, but can Mother Earth carry on like this forever?

By Sivakumar