Month: March 2016

“USA Unplugged” – story of Ganesh

First of all, I would like to thank my family, which includes all the members of the TRICHY PLUS Institute, for being the main reason in creating who I am right now. Even though, it’s just the beginning and the greatness is yet to come.

A little bit about me: I was born and brought up in one of the “cleanest city” – Trichy. Being the only son to my parents, I was actually surprised that they had let me study abroad, since it is natural for them to be over-protective. I had done my schooling in Seventh-day Adventist Matriculation and that had aided me a good amount of language skills. I finished my under graduation in J.J. Engineering College, and Yes! There exists a college named like that. A place where I only had fun for four years .

I don’t believe in accidents. I’ve always said that. I’d found this life changing institution, TRICHY PLUS, in a way that appears as an accident. I was looking for something else from the call center and had accidentally gotten information about TRICHY PLUS and their results. I don’t know why, but I gave it a shot. I called them up and that had changed the course of my life to a greater degree. I wish there was some supernatural power that I could thank now for the choice I had made then. Joining TRICHY PLUS exposed me to the fact that studying abroad exists for normal people and it is not a big deal, as it is generally made out to be. Seeing people going abroad, getting into a good position, created interest in me to pursue Education Abroad. I am going to be brutally honest with you guys, if I were to tell you that I am pursuing Education Abroad only out of my passion, then it isn’t entirely true and it most definitely won’t be motivating for a lot of us. I am doing this with a ‘bit’ of passion for Mechanical Engineering, more for having a fun filled experience in United States and also with the idea of settling here . Wait…Did I mention fun? Oh yeah..I went there seeking a lot of fun.

There is Yin in Yang & Yang in Yin. There’s duality everywhere. We all are busy focusing on someone else’s fault, pointing the mistakes of the politicians and being busy doing so. We forget to find goodness and inspiration from the regular Joe who is with us. My inspirations are endless as long as I meet everyone who struggles and continues to do so, to be able to reach where they want to go. I changed my behavior to find good qualities in others. So it’s easy for me to find inspiration from everyone around me. I am very finicky about selecting my inspiration, though! Not choosy about a person, but picky in finding the right quality I need from that person.

Right now, at this stage of my life, I am doing research in Electronic Packaging, and it’s related to the field of Mechanical Engineering, at “University of Texas at Arlington”. After this, advertising me to companies to find a job is going to be my challenge. I live in the US (Arlington, Texas) for now, and I find a lot of opportunities around myself, from exposure to people of different ethnic backgrounds and to knowledge of different kinds. The best thing about doing your higher studies in a foreign country is that the practical knowledge is cutting edge. So if you have the ambition of pursuing higher studies abroad, then have no second thought about it.

When we think of our past and try to pick out important moments in our lives, we pick the moments we enjoy the most and the ones that taught us important lessons. As I am living in a priority search to find the best way to enjoy this only life to its fullest, the main thing I learned is to “Live in this moment and FIND the beauty in it”. Trust me; there can always be a beauty even amidst the worse. So live your life to its fullest and “Let the force be with you”.

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