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A big heart fulfills big dreams – story of Durairaj

I am Durairaj. I was born in Valikandapuram at Perambalur. My father is a farmer. I did my High school in Government high school at Valikandapuram. I studied Higher secondary at Government higher secondary school at Labbaikudikkadu. When I finished my Higher secondary school, i decided to study Hospitality Management. So I got suggestion from my uncle to study in State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology at Thuvakudi, Trichy. I applied and got a seat to study in SIHMCT.
While I was doing my third year Diploma in SIHMCT, I started planning for my higher studies. There was seminar conducted by Mrs. Savtiri Sivakumar from TRICHY PLUS with an International guest at our Institute. The seminar explained about foreign studies. After attending that seminar I wanted to know more about TRICHY PLUS and EDUCATION ABROAD. I went to TRICHY PLUS. There I met Ms. Nalayini, the counselor. She started to speak in English with me which I could understand, but was unable to give her a reply. So she had to switch to Tamil to converse with me.
I joined for IELTS coaching class at TRICHY PLUS. It was hard for me to even get 4.0 band in the classroom tests. Then i started to search for countries which did not require IELTS exam (few years ago). We decided upon Singapore. We found that At Sunrise Global Chef Academy was providing Diploma in Culinary Arts. I applied for that. I got an interview call. I attended that interview but did not get selected due to my poor English communication. Then Mrs. Savtiri Sivakumar suggested me take up classes in Spoken English and Soft Skill / Personality Development to improve my English and personal grooming. The classes were highly motivating and gave examples that could keep me positive throughout my life.
Then I got the confidence to reapply to At Sunrise, but there was no second chance for me. Ms. Nalayini suggested me to choose Hospitality Management but i couldn’t change my mind from Culinary Arts. TRICHY PLUS staff continuously spoke to me & motivated me. After a long struggle i change my mind to study Hospitality Management and applied for Nanyang Institute of Management. I got placed there to study Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Nanyang Institute of Management. The Education & experiences at the Nanyang Institute of Management was useful for me to learn more about Hospitality. The class was taken by experienced and very friendly staff. I finished my classroom education successfully. Then i got my Industrial placement in Thanying Restaurant at Amara Singapore. After i completed my Industrial attachment, i came back to India. Thanying Restaurant tried to recruit me back but the government did not approve my visa application. Than I tried to get job in other places. I got many opportunities in India, but I wanted to work abroad. So I moved to Mumbai in search of a job. After three month search, i got an opportunity from The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa. After having worked in The Westin, I was eligible to apply for my Singapore Visa once again. Than Thanying Restaurant was ready to take me again. I got approval for Singapore Visa.
Now i am working as a Senior Restaurant Executive in Thanying Restaurant at Amara Singapore. I am doing well in my job. My parents and friends are very happy and feel proud about my success. I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to TRICHY PLUS………
“A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers”
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I QUIT MY I.T JOB – a photographer speaks

I was a born on the winter morning of 3rd December, 1989, in this beautiful Cauvery flowing land Tiruchirapalli. I was born in a lovely, loud, fun loving and giving family of four. My entire education and life till 2011 had revolved around the culture and the cities of the southern tip of India.

I completed my engineering in 2011 and started my career as an engineer in one of India’s leading IT companies. Though I started my career with artificially enforced passion with the herd culture (like any graduate in TN), later realized that my mind called on to something else. I started searching for ‘the something’ that would quench my thirst of fulfilment.

I was in a state of passion quest. It didn’t take me long before I realized that I was an admirer, an admirer of everyday happenings of life, an admirer of simple pleasures of life. I wanted to capture every moment that took my breath away and freeze them, freeze them for me, freeze for the ones who wanted, freeze them for general admiring and I did. I was bitten by a shutter bug. Yes, indeed I was and I have never been happier and accomplished in my span on this earth.

I don’t run by a single role model. As I get awestruck by simple pleasures of life, I get inspired by events and I get modulated by situation. I pick up the best qualities of the people I come across in different walks of life and try adapting them into my lifestyle. Lately I have discovered that travelling inspires me a lot, this way I am exposed to the world and made to realize how little I know of this mammoth complications knitted by social beings.

As of last week, I have quit my job as an engineer and started following my passion – “photography”. I am a firm believer in the fact that there is always an opportunity for the seeker and challenge for the innovator. And so, I never take account of them.

These are some of my pictures, that i have shot and are my favourite. If you see closely, each one will tell you a story :)…!

*The photographs above are protected under copyright law. Please do not copy or circulate without permission of the photographer.   

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Voyage towards success – story of Mr.Dhamodharan – “a Tea Estate Laborer’s son”

I am Dhamodharan Ramasamy, alumni of TRICHY PLUS. At present, I am in Republic of Armenia, studying two degrees in two different Universities in the capital city of Armenia. It is my highest pleasure to share my story to everyone through this paper. I hope that this narration would be an interesting one and somebody; somewhere would have come across the same pathway like me.

I am the third offspring after my brother and sister. We lived in one of the pleasant places of Coimbatore known as Valpaarai, where our parents are employed as tea estate laborers. They set a clear vision to raise us with good education, though financially our family faced a huge challenge. It was my aspiration to become a doctor right from the school days hence; I worked hard but could not acquire much competence. In 2002, I passed plus 2, but the results were not sufficient to enter into medical institutions. I decided to spend the next one year to improve my medical entrance score and secured 92% but it was not adequate.

In 2003, once again I failed to get the medical admission. This forced me to take an alternative decision to join Physiotherapy, one of the finest professions in health care. As a result, I had to shift to Trichy, the city I never ever visited. As my dreams were crushed, I was walking parallel with the life but not along with it like oil on the water. As days passed, the scenario was getting different because time made me to forget my regrets, largely due to the environment of Trichy, friends and seniors. I got really well along with my friends. There was an interesting turn in the journey, I fell in love with a girl. Initially, I felt that I  all my problems were over but I soon  realized that it was a terrible mistake. In 2008, all my friends who were supportive, including my love, had become dreadful chapters in my life. In a short period, I lost every one for which I have not been able to find a reason yet. All of a sudden, I became alone.

This loneliness had made an immense negative impact in my personal life. I went into the closed room; feeling isolated, grumpy, literally disillusioned and started to lose trust in everyone. Eventually, every one looked at me like a loser. Since time heals all the pain, my mind started to change.This time,I understood that not having a clear vision would be the reason behind all disappointments. It took approximately six months, to carry on to rewrite all pages in my life with a new expedition. Keeping all the failures aside, by the end of 2008,I got ready for a new contest. Higher education abroad was the new task and writing IELTS was the first milestone and TRICHY PLUS was the ground. Before entering into IELTS, I was in need of the basic communication skills, so I joined in VERBO-CITY course at TRICHY PLUS.

In fact, the classes were to improvise the basic communication skills; nonetheless, it was the perfect turning point in my lifetime. Thanks to TRICHY PLUS that made an immense breakthrough in my life. For a couple of months, I was out of my usual, boring and pointless routine. My maturity was drastically improved because I started searching meaning in each and everything. I was taught that even a stone has potential. Finally, the time had arrived to assess our personality by a test during the end part of the course. This was the incredible occasion inmy life because one of my peers and I were selected as having “Leadership” quality based on the score. This moment was the only reason behind all the success of my life until now. I was super charged, so confident and keen to bring out the potential in me. It should be mentioned here that a major part of the credit goes to Mr.Sivakumar and Mrs. Savitri Sivakumar, founders of TRICHY PLUS.

On the last class of VERBO-CITY, Mr.Sivakumar asked everyone about our interest to volunteer for a good cause. I raised my hand first in a matter of seconds, I was not aware of the objective of the project. After some time, few collogues of mine also showed their interest and during later part of the evening we were revealed to the objective of the task. The aim of the project was to donate an Electrical Ambulatory Chair to a fine gentle man who was an alumni of TRICHY PLUS and was in need of that service in order to acquire a job. The project was named as “Success Day”. For a period of one month, our team had run from pillar to post to make the success day successful. The sweet note to mention is that we collected huge cash (1, 25000 INR) and the left-over fund was donated to a trust which educates blind kids.

After the success of this event,I had a great emotional attachment with TRICHY PLUS that seems to be true and in return they offered me a job. In May 2009, I was given the responsibility to coordinate the “Summer Camp” that was designed to develop the soft skills of school children. I realized that once an incompetent teenager now turned to be a noteworthy man in a short period. In a loyal manner, I wanted to ascertain that I was the right person for the job, hence I nurtured the youngsters who enrolled in the camp. It was a great fun of one month and I am sure most of the students still remember me.

After such a beautiful and memorable time with TRICHY PLUS, it was time for me to depart to my native city. My next step was on the floors of  PSG Institute of Medical Science, as a tutor in College of Physiotherapy. I had a fine professional growth there. Even though, my essential expenses were not met, I was gratified by the duties and responsibilities given in PSG. This institution provided a wonderful background for the process of education abroad until 2011. During this journey, I met a fine gentleman Mr. John Peter who worked with me round the clock for my IELTS preparation. After joining hands with him, I had confidence once again that was given by TRICHY PLUS earlier. As a result, I cleared IELTS with an excellent score that led me to apply for the Higher Education in USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Surprisingly, I received an opportunity to study Medicine which was my life time dream, in Armenia. In 2012, I landed in Armenia to start my career (Medicine) at Yerevan State Medical University. This is a beautiful country, with different culture, new language and handful of friends made this life an exciting one. I turned to become highly responsible and focused on the academics. During the second year of medicine there was a pleasant turning point that I got an opportunity to do my Masters at the best University in this country known as American University of Armenia (AUA).

I joined Master of Public Health (MPH) at School of Public Health in American University of Armenia in September, 2014. Since then I have been studying two degrees in two different universities that is highly challenging but possible. As a reward for my hard work, I have been offered 50% scholarship for my studies and thanks to AUA. Life has changed significantly from a common medical student into all-time scheduled dual degree scholar. My knowledge is being consistently strengthened to the international standards that are provided by highly experienced faculty members who usually come from esteemed universities such as Johns Hopkins University, USA.

I understood that for everyone letdown in life, there would be a triumph in future that became true in my life. I am so thrilled to face the next phase of my life that would be surely the peak of this upward slope and on that, I would like to do a super specialty course in medicine. After becoming a highly skilled doctor, I will start my own evidence based medical centre in Tamil Nadu.I am looking forward for success in the days ahead.

I am thankful to the readers who were patient enough to read this short account of my life experiences

Contact : Dhamodharan Ramasamy, MPH II year, School of Public Health, Marshal Baghramyan Street, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

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THE SAGARIKKA FACTOR – From Change to Transformation by Sivakumar


Put a red car in a room flooded with yellow light, what is the car’s colour now? Yellow, isn’t it? However much the car is rubbed, the colour is still yellow. What should you do to bring back the original colour? Simple, take it out of the room.

Go through the same rigmarole and you become a grind of the mill. The same job, the same places of visit, the same eateries, the same food, the same movies and finally the same faces. Candidly speaking, what difference will this year make. We wake up on 1st of Jan, decide to exercise, save some money, read some books and by the 10th of Jan, we will get back to our normal state. We are back to where we are. The problem is with the word “CHANGE”. “CHANGE” will enlarge you, contort you, distort you, skew you but your resilience brings you back to where you are and you remain you. What is needed is “NOT CHANGE but TRANSFORMATION”.

Folks, we don’t want to take a trip down the Ego lane and share our minor successes and failures. 2015 was a year that we can never forget. We got a paradigm shift in parenting. Our “Teenaging kid”, had obtained mediocre marks in her 10th standard. The kid was confused and had no dreams, only fears. Was this time for us to advice her and push her down the beaten path? Instead, we asked her to “UNSKOOL” herself and explore life and savour it before her next step………. And what a journey it has been………

Her dreams made us trek as far as Mt.Kailash. We transformed into kids, touched by the fairy’s wand. We experienced the working of banks, hotels, BPO’s, industries and hospitals. We became management students again, talking about the intricacies of every business. Her curiosity took us to seminars from NASSCOM, IIM’s, CII, MMA to Book Club. She rekindled my interest in science & mathematics. We visited numerous Science exhibitions, understanding semi conductors, capacitors, aeroplanes, cars and power plants. Every evening is a journey, discovering the difference between Dot & cross product vectors, why matrices exist, why slopes are the essence of differential equations, how to build motors, why Physics works, how atoms and molecules talk to each other through Gibbs law and the design of orbitals.

Conservative people like us who stick to the world of Mutual Funds have taken a plunge into the world of stocks. We are on the path close to understanding Java applications, Android, IOS, animation and web design. Savitri is diligently working on her Zumba steps. Writing has become a part and parcel of our life. We are now known as bloggers. Funny, isn’t it?

In this journey we have met Film actors, movie directors, high court judges, writers, scientists, army generals, Artists, businessmen and industrialists.

We thank our friends and well wishers, who have supported us all along. People usually talk about mid-life crisis. I never knew this is what it would be. We have set ourselves on a pulsating journey, as we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We are discovering ourselves through this “Teenaging Kid”.

Needed a Sagarikka, to take us out of the room of yellow light and look at the world differently. We wish you all get a “SAGARIKKA FACTOR” which makes you TRANSFORM instead of the mundane change.


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