Month: August 2015

Hello Trichy here we come………..

Confucius famously quoted:

If you want one year harvest, plant rice

if you want ten years harvest, plant trees and

if you want hundred years harvest, plant men.

Dear students & friends, here we are, to keep in constant touch with you. We wish to share our ideas, knowledge & experiences with you and expect you to do the same. Be in touch with us, discuss about your career plans, challenges, interesting instances of your life, your learning & anything exciting & informative. This is going to be the beginning of a brand new interaction filled with information.SMS_0840-2

Hi world, here we come……….

Hi friends,

if you want one year harvest plant corn,

if you want 10 years harvest plant trees and

if you want 100 years harvest plant men.

by Confucius

In this series of blogs, we will be addressing to you (students) on coping up with issues & challenges. The crux of this blog is to guide you out  of the morass of confusion and guide you towards a more productive and fulfilling life. We invite success stories of people who have taken the forbidden path to present their views. We hope that our en-devour will catapult you to higher levels in life.10570512_784734404924285_7246593843366249487_n