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A budding writer & blogger from Trichy – story of Raadhika


The Journey of My Life….

A tremendous and exciting journey……I should say….So far, so good…. with the blessings of God Almighty and all the well- wishers around me. When asked to describe myself, I would say- a prolific writer, a voracious reader, a creative painter and one of the best English teachers. Yes, when I look back at my own life, I should say I have too many on my plate, but, it has always helped me vent out the energy I have in me.

Being born in Mumbai, I cannot be called a Mumbaite. I was brought up in Trichy and Karur, two small towns then and cities now. My father worked in the State Bank of India and so in a transferable job. I got an opportunity to see various sides of lives of people. I started my journey with my own gang of friends and no siblings. My cousins fulfilled the vacant places of siblings and so had a fair share of fights, cribbing and enjoyment! My passion for reading also filled the space and was introduced to reading books and magazines by my mom, who was my first teacher.

When I completed my tenth with high scores, my parents were elated but I was confused. What to pursue! My mother wanted me take up commerce, but I was under tremendous peer pressure, as all my cousins scored very well and were into IITs and RECs. I chose computers. Though, I didn’t score much in my 12th standard, my dad admitted me into an IT course. I believe in the saying – “man proposes and God disposes”. God had different plans for me. I couldn’t cope up with the course and had bouts of typhoid, jaundice and appendectomy attacks. So i had to discontinue my course. A year got wasted! What next? God gave me time to think.

I searched for an answer. I took the decision and told my parents that I would be doing my Literature. They weren’t surprised as I had a flair for writing from a very young age. I studied B.A. in English Language and Literature in Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College. I was a topper in the course and won several prizes. I started taking part in several inter-college competitions and won prizes. I was in my final year when i got associated with TRICHY PLUS in 2003- 2004. Mr.Shivkumar  and  Dr.Sathgurunath  came as the“Torchbearers” in my life. They gave me confidence to face the crowd, mentored me and showed me the right path.

I got enrolled in MBA from one of the esteemed institutes. But, again fate played a role. The food in the hostel didn’t suit me and I had to discontinue my course. But, I didn’t stop. I joined M.A. in English language and literature and continued my education staying at home. Being only daughter to my parents, they wanted me to get married. So, I got married in 2006 and relocated to Bangalore. The family grew- into a joint family learnt a lot about different kinds of people. In 2007, my son was born. Now, I had to take care of the little bundle of joy!

Next, I started my career as a freelance content writer. I had my own set of clients. It came with its own set of problems. Many clients didn’t pay me well. We needed money at that time .I didn’t want to join corporate due to the lack of proper support system to take care of our son. He still needed someone to take care of him. So, I started teaching in a school. Getting associated with younger minds kept me young. I didn’t stop my career as a freelance content writer. I started blogging and have my own blogs. Being a content writer gave me opportunities to learn about various things like SEO, SEM, blogging, article writing, etc. It gave me opportunities to write anything under the roof. It also satisfied my inner self as it gave me opportunities to learn about different things starting from lifestyle to technology.

Writing and teaching had become my passion. I have not stopped! I have completed my International Diploma in TEFL/TESOL certification and MBA in Mass Communication. My better half has always been supportive in pursuing my passion. Currently i am in Malaysia as my spouse has been working here for the past one and a half years. Becoming a certified language trainer hasn’t stopped me.I am pursuing my dreams from here.

I learnt one thing in life- “Creativity has no bounds. You need to wake your inner self to achieve success. Go behind your passion. Success is not everything. It will come behind you one day.”

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Life is a stage & we are all actors – story of a dramatist

Let us start from the very beginning. I was born in Kochi- Kerala – on September 29,1995.

When I was four months old, we came to Trichy. So for all practical purposes, Trichy is my home. I did my schooling between two renowned schools in Trichy.

After my tenth, the dreaded question loomed large in front of me. “What next”? I had no inkling. What I knew was that I definitely did not want to become an engineer or a doctor. Then what did I want? Luckily my parents were as clueless as I was. They did not believe in thrusting me into something that I had no interest in. However they too underwent the conventional “peer pressure” when everyone kept asking them, “Which coaching centre have you enrolled him in”? In fact we did try out a coaching centre- but none of us had the conviction. Needless to say, soon after I dropped out.

I was not sure where my talents lay. All I knew was I excelled in quizzing and acting to some extent during my school days. I scoured the net for various options and zeroed in on a few. Christ College in Bangalore, Symbiosis in Pune and Manipal University. I wrote entrance tests for these courses and was called for interviews.

Mr. Sivakumar of Trichy Plus,  was known to my father. As per my father’s suggestion, I spoke with Mr. Sivakumar and his insights helped me in gaining some clarity with regard to what areas I could explore.  I enrolled at Trichy Plus to prepare for the Entrance exams . Apart from the rigmarole of preparing for the tests, what I liked at Trichy Plus was the exuberance of the trainers. I found the sessions very motivating and learning happened without undue pressure. Needless to say, I passed my entrance exams easily. I secured AIR 26 at the Manipal University and AIR 96 in the Symbiosis Entrance exams.

The first interview that I attended was at Christ University.I  had applied for  a Degree course with 3 majors-Communication, English,  and Psychology which to me, sounded interesting. During the interview, I was asked what my hobbies were and when I replied I enjoyed quizzing and acting, they informed me that they were introducing theatre studies for the first time in Christ University and asked if I would like to join.  Without batting an eyelid, I said yes.

And that was it.

I informed my parents and though they were surprised, they supported my decision wholeheartedly. I dare say, they might have had their own apprehensions at several levels but they clearly believed that one must pursue one’s interests.

And yes, one might say that I did choose the lesser travelled path and that has made all the difference. What do I say about this course? I am now into my final year and these last two years have changed me completely from the person I used to be. There have been so many incidents which propelled the changes and I am glad that they did. One of the most memorable experiences was getting to play the character of Touchstone in our production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It.  For me, each character that I play, or each role that I take up in any production needs to open up a new side in me, for it to be performed well. Touchstone in my second year and Bill Sikes in the Musical ‘Oliver!’ by Lionel Bart, torched in me, things and feelings which had until then, not existed. These two people changed me like no one in my real life did.

Also through these  2 and a half years, I have faced many challenges which came along with the positives, as expected. I had to write the script for one of the plays and also do the sound and music for it. With no previous experience in either of the formats, I struggled at first, but will power and passion helped me pull through and put my best foot forward.

Also, since Media Studies was another major, I had to do an Internship over the Summer, in any media house, and hence I worked as an intern in DDB Mudra West, in Ahmedabad where I learnt the nuances of Copywriting and Visual design with guidance from experts in the field and also did a project of my own.

The exposure, the learning has been humongous. There have been tough times, but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

I got an opportunity to do an internship course at The Liverpool University. It was a most memorable experience. We visited the Beatles’ home town and stayed there and watched plays and performances for over 15 days and then went to London, where we had the honour of watching Live West End shows of two of the Greatest Musicals ever made, Les Miserables and Phantom of The Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Now, more than a year later after that adventure, it all feels like a dream.

A dream that will lead me on and on, no matter what, to help me bring my passion to life.
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To my beloved friends – “Education creates knowledge, knowledge leads to value and value generates potential”

My name is Tamil Selvan, I was born in Perambalur in 1989. Since then, my Father wanted me to become a doctor, but I became an engineer. While studying, I was a slow learner and a lover of Physics, but wasn’t able to fulfill my dreams. I did my schooling and Engineering in Perambalur with limited exposure. I have grown up in a middle class family with two siblings.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by Physics and Mechanics. I have always insisted my friends and juniors to observe themselves, because no one can explain about you better than you. All of us have that one moment, where we have to find “who we are”, we have to find the path which we admire and forge ourselves to create our value. When I was 21, after my undergrad degree, I wanted to become a Pilot because I wanted to learn about the flight mechanics (thanks to my dad). At 20’s we are not very clear about how to match our ideas and experiences with our passion and career.  Hence we need to find a mentor or a teacher to discuss our passion which straightens our career path.

After my undergrad degree, I was dissatisfied with my studies because I wanted to learn the actual meaning behind the science which enables me to create potential and knowledge sharing. I chose to pursue my Master of Science in Engineering and I was unaware of the opportunities available, as I grew up in an environment with limited resources. But I learnt a lesson, if you badly want something, no one can stop you. Hence I was reminded of TRICHY PLUS and their services. I met Mrs Savitri Sivakumar and Mr Sivakumar and I explained my concern. TRICHY PLUS helped me a lot in the process of choosing my University.

A success story has so many hidden embodiment which help to construct one’s victory. So there is a portion of TRICHY PLUS in my life when I become a successful person. Hence – when the student is ready the teacher will appear. After my post grad degree from the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus, I received a special visa from the MOM Singapore to secure a job. Since 2012, I am working as a research engineer in a R&D company.

However, I have initiated my PhD degree from the NUS Singapore on Micro Electronics as a part time student. Friends, I strongly recommend you to find your mentor, follow you passion, be curious, take the challenge and be willing to accept failures. The most successful people were once an amateur but something drove them towards their destiny and the key according to me is curiosity.

As a huge fan of Physics, I have always admired Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. They are the pillars of Physics and without their contribution modern society wouldn’t have been possible. Hence I choose to become a valuable person rather than successful person because values lead to success. So far, there have been a few important moments in my life – my bold decision to take the opportunity to pursue my Masters Degree in a foreign country in spite of insufficient exposure, then coming to Singapore to find a job and mitigating failures while pursing PhD. So it all depends on one’s willingness and perseverance, as a result I have filed 6 Singapore patents and one USA patent. I have never met a strong person without failures, so failures are the stepping stones.

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The me…I was born in Nagercoil, the Southern coastal part of Tamilnadu. Since my Dad started working as a Professor in Trichy Govt Law College, we shifted to Trichy. I grew up as a middle class boy and did my schooling in Kamala Niketan till 10th. I excelled in all the extracurricular activities and was also good at studies. From Singing, Acting, Martial Arts to Sports, there would always be a following for me.

All this changed when I moved to another School for my Higher Secondary, where life was all about books and the art of reproducing it. It all looked very strange and funny to me. The toughest stage of my life was spending my two years in that so called prison. It was also the time which molded me into a matured human being. I learnt the importance of family, food, love, friends and happiness etc., and how there are many people surviving without all this. From then on I started thinking a lot about life. So I always had the thought “When you see people above you, you will want a life they live, but when you see people below you, you will understand how blessed you are”.

Then I moved to Chennai to pursue my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Hindustan University. Four years of College was so much fun. It gave me the opportunity to interact with people from various parts of India and the world. Apart from all the fun, I was also exposed to politics, sports, education and the social responsibilities. I always thought about how my life should be different. I didn’t want to get a job in a company and work for someone else throughout my life. I had different ideas, may be to serve the Indian Administrative service, set up my own business or get into the media. Money dint seem to be very important, but I considered it to be an element to get on with my life peacefully. With lots of thoughts, I finally completed my course after a big struggle and I had to clear many arrears too. But I always thought arrears or education has nothing to do with how successful you are in life. By the time I finished my college I had many friends, whom I think are my real earnings in all these years.

After my college days, I didn’t have a job or a family business to do. I started preparing for the Civil Service Exams and gave my best for a year. At the same time, I had breakup in a relationship because of which I lost interest in everything. I was down for nearly 6 months. This experience pushed me harder into becoming more successful in life.

Then I happened to meet a person who changed my life totally. My brother, my well wisher, my role model and my mentor Mr. V.S. Anandhakrishna (Celebrity Photographer), who introduced me to the world of modeling. I met him on the Facebook, and he called me for a test shoot. Within a week I signed a shoot for a Dubai based garment brand. Thereafter my life took many twists and turns. I did more than 300 TV commercials and print Ads. I established a name for myself in the South Indian Modeling Industry. By that time I also got a job from BOSCH, to work for Daimler Trucks India Pvt Ltd.

My parents were very happy thinking that their son has become successful in life. After all getting a job, a car and a house is the most successful aspect of everyone’s life, rather than living the life itself successfully. I never thought it to be a success, but I worked just to satisfy them. I worked for a year and later joined Apollo tires as Manager for Tamil Nadu region. I worked for few months and then decided that it’s time I get out of the routine and do what I liked. I quit my job all of a sudden and decided not to work anymore. I was clear that I wanted to become an actor. Even during my school days, acting was my strength. I used to act and direct stage plays. Those childhood thoughts of becoming an actor motivated me to get into this field.

Months passed, I had lost all my savings. Every day was a struggle; a good meal had almost become a dream for me. I couldn’t ask my parents too since they were not happy with me quitting the job in order to become an Actor. But I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of my journey towards passion. It had taught me many things – from a poor man’s food security to understanding the true nature of people. With empty pockets and no one to support, I learned to be strong. As time passed, my parents and few friends started saying that the industry is not so easy to get in, especially for a person like me with no movie background.  So they asked me to get another job or fly to Dubai for work.  I just said OK to them but I was very clear that one day I’ll get into the Industry and this is the right time for me to give a try. I never wanted to blame anyone else for my decisions.

One fine day during the month of April 2015, I got a call to act in a leading actor’s movie, I gave my auditions and they liked my performance. The shooting got over in a month. By the end of May I got an offer to act as a Hero in a good production. I couldn’t believe it. All my patience for nearly 4 years has not gone in vain. Everything was like a dream to me. A guy, who started as a junior artist has now become a Hero. I believe this happened just because of my positive thoughts. The shoot is over now and the post production work is going on.

I was very clear with my passion. But I dint want to be too ambitious. If I become too ambitious I may become frustrated during the course of my travel towards my passion. It’s just patience, determination, positive thoughts and hard work that will take you to your passion. I chose a different path because I love to be different. All it needs is courage and perseverance.

I strongly believe in the fact that thoughts convert into actions. “Yesterdays thoughts and actions are today’s YOU”. So the actions and thoughts in the present are very important to have a beautiful future.

Life is a beautiful thing. Live it to the fullest and also let other people live. There are lots of people who have not been blessed even with the minimal of what we have. So don’t ever complain for what you don’t have and what your parents couldn’t give you.They have done the best of what they could. Money is essential to lead a quality life, but don’t forget to live while making money. Spend time with your loved ones. Always help the needy and spread love. And please do take care of our farmers, because they take care of the Mother earth.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to write on this blog. I am indeed very happy that I have shared some valuable moments with such great personalities as Mr.Sivakumar & Ms.Savitri. I value their association, not only because they are simple and approachable, but also because of their valuable service to the community through education and service, which is the holiest of all professions.

I met this lovely couple in November 2010 at the Trichy Airport on our way to Sri Lanka. Even before my father introduced me to them, I was gazing at them because of their lovely interaction with their daughter Sagarikka. The moment I was introduced, Sags and I started chatting like long lost friends. Our interaction went on through the one hour flight and 2 hours of bus journey from Srilankan Airport to our hotel in Colombo. I noticed them teaching Sags everything she had to be aware of and also gave her the freedom to know the world. More than being parents, they were like a friend to her. In all these years they are still the same.

I wish Mr.Sivakumar,Ms. Savitri  and Sagrikka a happy and blessed life. May God bless them with good health, peace and prosperity.

Thanks for reading my write up, andddd I will definitely let you all know during my movies release. Please support me and bless me. Thank you!!

Arav (aka) Nafeez

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MY JOURNEY FROM TRICHY TO ILO (International Labor Organisation) – by Dhaarini Srinivasan

I am a Human Resources professional, currently working with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at its headquarters in Geneva. I have completed a double Masters degree – an MBA with a specialization in Finance at SRM University, Chennai from 2004 to 2006 and a Masters in International HRM and Comparative IR  the University of Manchester from 2013 to 2014. I worked for seven years in the field of Human Resources before deciding to further pursue the field of HRM and earn the second Masters degree.  I could continue to list my CV here – but that will only give you a limited view of who I am.

I was born and raised in Trichy in a middle class, conservative family. My family is nuclear, with just three of us: Me, my father, a retired BHEL employee, and my mother, a music teacher in a government-aided school.  I completed all of my schooling at Trichy from the State board syllabus. I did my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Commerce in Seethalakshmi Ramasamy College, Trichy from 2001-2004. My dad wanted me to study to be a Chartered Accountant but I wanted to do Business Administration. Somehow I managed to convince him and went to Chennai for my MBA. There I realized that I am more interested in Human Resources Management than Finance. Luckily, my first job provided a good platform for me to develop my HR skills and allowed me to progress. Now you could think that when everything was fine, why did I look for more in life?

People who have known me for a long time have asked: “How did this transformation happen?” Sometimes I am left with no answers for them. I still remember consulting my dad and saying, “it’s a DO or DIE situation, what should I do?” He replied, “There is no DIE, it’s only DO. Do something for that.” So, I was left with no choice, except being stronger and more independent. Problems might change people either in a good or bad way; I decided to approach them in a positive way. That’s my transformation. It is not possible to change my past, but I took a second chance to improve myself and live the way I wanted to. It took a lot of courage to leave my lucrative job, get out of my comfort zone and take some risks. The first step is always tough, but when I took it, everything fell into place.

Now, I am a 31-year-old dreamer who is passionate about life and has passion for learning. I am inspired by and learn from everyone and everything I come across. I don’t limit myself with one specific role model or mentor.

Of course, every new adventure is full of both challenges and opportunities – they are two sides of the same coin. For example, working for the ILO in Geneva is a big milestone for both my personal and career growth. Living and working in a multi-cultural environment has made me more open-minded and also taught me to show more gratitude for what I had back in India. At the same time, understanding the behavioral pattern of multi-nationalities is one of the biggest challenges apart from the language barrier.

A big challenge of working at the ILO is that they rarely create permanent positions; many individuals work under short term contracts and as consultants, which creates uncertainty. However, this phenomenon requires us to change our thinking when it comes to traditional and sometimes monotonous work – to be flexible and alter our expectation that we must find one job for a lifetime.

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Photo explained clockwise:

  1. My first hike in Chamonix, France happened to be the toughest one, yet the feeling of accomplishment was wonderful.
  2. My first solo trip to Barcelona where i befriended an Iranian which entirely changed my perspective towards Iran.
  3. My UN experience – that’s the famous Human Rights council hall.
  4. Finally with my ILO colleagues who happen to be my good friends. Specialty of this picture is that no one comes from the same country of origin.