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72 hours fasting for health – (why did we do it?)


There were numerous queries after our 3 days fast. Is it an Atkins diet? Is it a Paleo Diet? What about Fasting and Blood Pressure, fasting and Diabetes? Are you fasting with water? Can i drink water with fasting? Is it a Low Carb diet and so on…. There was another group of people who claimed that we were nuts to try out this experiment.  Some others believed that life should be partying all the time, eating and making merry and never be in the starvation mode. Some others were concerned about our calcium levels, iron levels and hemoglobin count. In this blog post, we wish to clarify some of your concerns and queries.

Why did we do it (objective of the fast)?

I (Shiv) have lived a life where even a 5 minute delay in providing the meal would send me into a state of depression. Then how did this turnaround come about? Gurus state that the key to success in life depends on 3 factors – Attitude, Skills and knowledge. Let me share with you the knowledge about fasting.


Close observation of the graph would show that Ghrelin (hunger hormone) spikes at around breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Even closer observation would show that this spike would last for a very short period of time, after which the hunger subsides. Hence fasting for 3 days doesn’t mean that we would be holding our stomachs, growling all the time and thinking only of food. The hunger spikes last for a very short duration. So please check it out.

Carbohydrate addict (carboholic):

I had been a carbohydrate addict for most of my lifetime. In the mornings, my insulin and fasting blood sugar would be at its lowest. My Ghrelin would be at its highest.  This would lead to hunger pangs and misbehavior from my side (throwing tantrums). My tempers would cool down only after consuming few idlis and a sambar vada. My insulin would then work on pushing this stuff into the cells. Whatever food that did not get into the cells, would then be converted to visceral fat and Intestitial fat. Now my carb level (blood glucose) would come down around 1 pm, giving Ghrelin the signal to shoot up. Now this signalled lunch time. Time to have sambar rice, rasam rice, curd rice, kutoo and poriyal. As my body would need a 1000 calories of energy just to break down and digest this food, i would have little energy to do much else and hence it was siesta time… a time for a good afternoon nap. By now my glucose level would have subsided and now it was time to snack it up with rich Tamil snacks – murukku, mixture bhujia or biscuits, with Chai of course (with 2 spoons of pure white sugar). This would now cool down my Ghrelin levels and bring about a surge in my blood sugar, which would go down by 9 pm, signalling dinner time. Time to have few poories and chole. Now for all the hard work i had done, my body would need tonnes of energy to break down this stuff and hence it was time to sleep.

50 years of nonstop nonsense (eating, eating and eating):

Now my dear friends, especially dear Tamilians and Indians, where is the nutrition in this kind of food? Rice is the prime cause of Inflammation, milk (in tea) leads to leaky gut, wheat contains gluten which stops our bodies from absorbing whatever little nutrients we have and chole is an anti-nutrient. I wonder how i survived so many years. Thanks to the fruits and vegetables i consumed.

Dear Mr.Pancreas I am sorry (The INSULIN Story):

I confess that i am a criminal, though unknowingly, I tortured my pancreas and try to squeeze every bit of Insulin out of it. My pancreas would plead with me for rest but I would hammer out the Beta cells (insulin producing cells). These poor cells unable to bare this torture started committing suicide one by one. Only 23 percent of them are still alive. The world of medics had branded me as a diabetic. My insulin spikes continued but my cells were not ready to accept this glucose. Having no other outlet, my blood glucose took comfort in the arms of my fat cells. This juicy blubber which people connote as healthy, made me a member of the huge community of men in Tamil Nadu (India). This community is called EPND (ever pregnant no delivery). If I had to survive, I had to walk out of this community; it was time for an abortion.

Mr.Metformin to the rescue:

This label brought along with it dozens of medicines. My purpose of existence for the last 10 years was to feed the medical and the pharmaceutical industry. I wish somebody had told me that Carbs (carbohydrates) was my biggest enemy. If a person is Lactose intolerant (milk intolerant) what should you avoid – Milk of course. If a person is allergic to wheat, soya or peanut, then what should he avoid? If a person is allergic to Carbs, what should he avoid – carbohydrates of course. This little piece of information could have saved my Beta cells from 10 years of torture. Why would anyone tell me? I was a prime feeder for 2 major industries. If carbohydrates is a death sentence then what could i eat? Here fat and proteins came to my rescue.

A new world, LCHF:

This is when I was introduced to the world of Low Carbs (no milk, no sugar, no sweets, no processed food, no refined oil, no snacks, no rice, no wheat, no maida, no starchy fruits and vegetables; eg. Potatoes and banana) So what was i eating for Carbohydrates – fibrous vegetables and fruits. Added to this was another ally – walnuts, almonds, avocados, olive oil and coconut oil. Unhealthy vegetable oils like refined sunflower, gingelly and palm oil was a big no, no. Sorry Idayam, sorry Gold Winner – though you do lot of service to mankind by taking care of the heart fortifying them with D3 Vitamins, rich Omega 6 PUFA which helps people eat healthy vadas and poories and increase their life span, you are prohibited from my daily consumption.

A new fuel for my body; KETONES:

You all know that cars run on either diesel or gasoline. In future, we are going to have hybrid cars running on solar batteries, electric cars and so forth. If a car can run on different kinds of fuels, why not our bodies? The only fuel that most of us know about is Glucose. This is the reason why many people were concerned about our Fasting for 3 days. To our dear Tamilians who are tuned to Idlis and Dosas, this atrocious fasting is Hara Kiri.


If you observe the graph carefully, once the glucose is no longer the supplier of fuel, our body is like a hybrid car, switches over to another source of fuel – Ketones. This is otherwise called as ‘FastingKeto’ or ‘Fasting Ketosis’. It is a fat burning diet or a fat loss diet, though our objective was not fasting for weight loss.

Ramdev Baba and Anna Hazare are very smart:

This secret is known to these men. Even Gandhiji should have had decent knowledge about Ketosis. While the glucose addicts panicked that these men were trying to kill themselves for a great cause. These men had the last  laugh. It was like killing 2 birds with one stone. Improve your health and at the same time become famous.

A note about Gandhiji:  

The father of our nation undertook 17 fasts during his lifetime out of which 13 fasts were for a duration of 7 days or less which is very much endurable. But 4 of his fasts – one for 14 days and 3 for 21 days is super human stuff, because here the body gets into breakdown mode and starts consuming itself to survive. No wonder he is the Grand-master of Fasting.

Our story (Intermittent Fasting):

After switching over to LCHF diet on which we have been for the last 5 months, we graduated to strength and endurance exercises, with the objective of increasing storage of the excess Glucose in our muscles which had been in dormant stage till then (and liver). Muscle stores 70 gms of Glucose and liver stores 200 gms, but how do we store in the already overstocked liver? And that is where we studied the guide to fasting and took baby steps towards intermittent fasting. ‘Intermittent Fasting’ is otherwise known as 16/8 Fasting. Fast 16 hours every day and have your meals within a span of 8 hours. This is not a diet. We eat the same calories that an average person does but within a shorter span of time. We later progressed to 20/4 fasting. Eat within a 4 hour window and give your body a 20 hour rest. Initially the going was slightly tough, but our bodies became very smart and knew when to switch over to the Keto mode. Thus we don’t have the hunger cycles of average human beings, who have Glucose and Insulin swings, which result in mood swings. Our Glucose levels are absolutely stable. My Glucose levels are normalized at 83 mg / dl and fluctuate within a narrow range of plus or minus 15 mg / dl (this could be bad news for the entire Diabetic Industry). All Diabetologists, Diabetic care centres, Cardio centres, Nephrologists, Hepatologists,  Pharma companies could become a thing of the past. Hence those who want to promote these industries, please don’t read my blog and promote it. I have been off Metformin for the last 5 months. Previously, i needed it for my survival and it kept my average glucose level at 275 mg / dl.

Moving up the ladder (24 hour fasting):

For the last 7 weeks, we have said no to solid food on Saturdays. The real battle is not within the body, the real battle is with the mind. To know the benefits on the body please click on the link and watch our video.

My mind had been conditioned for 50 years to having three solid meals a day and tonnes of crap (snacks) in between. My mind was not ready to forgo this comfort zone and started threatening me with dire consequences and went to extent on questioning whether i wanted to survive. Savi and I had to endure this ordeal till we were able to enslave our mind to the diktats of our body. Finally our mind obliged. Please note that our Hemoglobin and Calcium levels will not drastically drop during all this fasting. Its our mind playing tricks on us. It is our mind and our ego which are preventing us from coming out of our comfort zone. Even though there is wealth of experience beyond this comfort circle.

What did we eat during the 3 day fast?:

Finally we took a bold step forward, a leap in faith. If we were craving for food all the time, thinking of nothing but food and also feeling extremely tired, then how we ran 10 kms, do SALSA practice, have a Lower body workout, run in the treadmill apart from doing Yoga on all days? This kind of workout is not done by people even on normal days without any food consumption. Isn’t it? As a matter of fact, when we broke our fast, it was like missing a friend. This prolonged fasting has taught us how to conquer our mind and food, which is what the world thinks about most of the time, is not a priority in our lives.

Folks please click on the links to know what we consumed :

We had lots of lemon juice with Himalayan salts to balance our Electrolytes – no supplements, no juices. Avoid drinking fresh juices, as they have no fiber, are devoid of antioxidants and spike your glucose. In our case, we had a protein shake and an orange fruit before workout.

We dream of reaching higher levels, possibly a 5 day or a 7 day fast. Ramdev Baba, are you watching?

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Are Sugar substitutes good for health?


Being a diabetic, I had been regularly consuming sugar free pills considering it as an excellent sugar substitute. Even television ads promote it as an alternative for diabetics craving to have Diwali sweets. I had been an ignoramus; I could have just typed into Google and figured out the dangers of Sugar Free – ASPARTAME.

Little did I know that Aspartame gets converted to Methanol and becomes formaldehyde. Diet Coke, which is meant for weight watchers, is stuffed with Aspartame. So what does Aspartame do? This chemical rich substitute clogs your cells, increases the toxicity in your body and ultimately leads to kidney problems and cancer. Also poor cellular function ultimately leads to ‘Weight Gain’.

So could you have ‘Stevia’ (sucralose) instead? Recently, a woman in Australia was admitted to hospital for Chlorine poisoning. It turned out that she was consuming too much stevia in her cakes, puddings and oat meal breakfast. One of the by products of stevia is chlorine.

We have become a recently turned strength building enthusiasts. To increase our muscle mass we purchased whey protein (fast protein) and casein (slow protein). The casein protein turned out to have tonnes of sucralose. So customers beware, read the labels before you purchase.

But there is good news, Honey (madhu) is a rich source of Amino acids, minerals and is anti bacterial. In fact it’s more a food than a sugar substitute. Dates are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre. Check out for original honey and dates, otherwise you could get into trouble.

I had been following a popular Healer’s guidelines and having jaggery / karupatti for six months. This led to a phenomenal rise in my sugars. Thanks to the Healer’s advice. In this technologically advanced world, just get a gluco sensor fitted on you and that will clearly indicate what will spike your insulin. Dr.Deyanandan has clearly made his patients realise that many of these alternatives like jaggery and karupatti do more harm than good.

One of our friends following the ‘Paleo Diet’ states that anything sweet once it goes below the throat is glucose. During a walk last month at Merina Beach in Chennai, we were approached by a man who sold claimed to sell health drink with palm sugar. Though his sales pitch was convincing, we knew that the gluco sensor would give a different answer. We smiled and declined his offer.

Some other decent sugar substitutes are Maple syrup and Coconut sugar. The best substitute for diabetics is ‘Stevia’. None of these substitutes have a Glycemic Index (GI) of more than 50 which is half the GI of pure sugar.


“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art” – La Rochefoucauld

Kindly lay your hands on the book ‘Pure, white and deadly’ by John Yudkin. This best seller claims that sugar is the cause of almost all chronic diseases in the world.

Picture of Gluco Sensor


Which is the best form of Exercise?


We have been also trying to figure out this jigsaw puzzle for quite some time. We had a Yoga instructor who categorically stated that strength training is the worst form of exercise. Now we have our Gym trainer who states that Yoga is for Kindergarten children.

Just two weeks ago, we had a guest speaker at the Rotary Conference, Ms.Madhavi Latha. Eight years ago doctors had explicitly stated that she would not endure her ordeal of polio for more than a year. That is when she took up to swimming. This gave a soothing effect to her joints and has resulted in her becoming the National Paralympics Swimming Champion. So Madhavi would certainly vouch that swimming is the best form of exercise. It is a blessing for people with joint pains.

How many calories does Micheal Phelps consume every day? Answer is 12,000….yes more than four times the amount of food an average person consumes. Then what keeps him lean and fit? It is the amount of time he spends in the chill pool waters which works out to about 5 hours every day and helps him to burn his brown adipose fat. So those who are weight watchers or want to shed out extra pounds could try out swimming.

Pranayam, Tai Chi and any form of deep breathing will propel your Mitochondria to peak performance and drastically improve your cellular function. As we all know, cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs and organs make up you.

Yoga, particularly ‘Surya Namaskar’ works on our flexibility and is an excellent practice to keep our Lymphatic system active. What is our Lymphatic system? To put it in one phrase ‘Our Drainage System’. No wonder you see Yoga practitioners flexible right unto their old ages, whereas commoners struggle with knee and joint pains.

Running, walking and cycling do miracles for the heart and increase maximum heart rate and decrease rest rate. The wider the gap, the better your heart is; the better your heart, the more the blood; the more the blood, the happier the cells. This does a lot to improve our endurance. A person’s maximum heart rate is 220 – your age. Your resting heart rate should be 60 to 90, anything more than 90 indicates heart problem. Olympic athletes have a resting heart rate of 50 or lesser. Lance Armstrong, the seven times winner of Tour de France had a resting heart rate of 32 beats / minute.

Tim Ferris says that all forms of exercise are exercises and feel good exercises. They need the support of oxygen from the environment to function but Strength Training is the only form of progressive exercise that is done in the anaerobic (without oxygen) mode. All strength trainers have strong bones and joints, right till the very end of their times.

Steven Covey in his bestselling book ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ says that all the three forms, strength, flexibility and endurance are equally important. Jim Dornan, the founder of Network 21 when asked this question, answered ‘yes’. Yes,cellular food is very important, which comes from endurance exercises. Yes cellular detoxifying is very important, which comes from flexibility exercises. Yes cellular energy is very important, which comes from deep breathing exercises. And yes, cell power is very important, which comes from strength building exercises.’

So finally all of you are right, the answer is yes, yes, yes, yes.

“Good things come to those who SWEAT”





Lord Vishnu reclined on Aadiseshan at Vaikunta, gave instructions to sage Narada, “go forth and tell the humans of the world – they should take bath thrice a day and eat once a day.” What Narada did was one of the biggest bloopers in Chinese Whispers. He told the humans, “eat thrice a day and take bath once a day”.

Kamatchy Sapani, a well know journalist from Malaysia shared her experience while living with tribals in the Indonesian forests for nearly a month. She stated that these tribals ate only when their body necessitated that it should, which could be even once in 3 or 4 days.

The whites were aghast at the poor eating habits of PIMA Indians in North America. These uncivilized tribals had not matured into eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and surprisingly remained fit, devoid of the chronic diseases ravaging modern men. There is an encryption in Egypt where it is written – one fourth of the food you eat is meant for your body, three forth for the doctor.

Gandhiji’s mother was a serial faster and mentored the ‘father of our nation’ into becoming a world class faster. I recollect, as a child spending my holidays with my grandparents. There were strictly only two meals in a day. An early lunch and an early dinner. All my grandparents comfortably breezed past 80 years of age.

Studies on mice indicate that 30% reduction in calorific intake results in 30% increase in longevity. Every specie tested on has produced the same result. The only specie which has not been tested upon is human beings. Last year, the Nobel Prize winner in medicine, won it for his studies on Autophagy (a body devoid of food eats its own toxins and dead cells and strengthens its immune system)

Our body starved of glucose (bad fuel) switches over to ketones (good fuel). In this keto mode, the body gets rid of intestitial fat, reduces insulin secretion, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces bad cholesterol, reduces inflammation and improves the performance of the Cardio-vascular system.

Savi and I have been experimenting with ‘Intermittent fasting’ for more than a month. We have lunch at 2.30 pm with a higher dose of proteins and fats and an early dinner at 7.30 pm. We abstain from eating rest of the time, save for liquids like green tea, water and lemon juice. The going has been tough but overcoming this craving for food makes us feel good. We also have a 24 hour fast on Saturdays.

The next summit that we plan to scale is a three day fast perhaps by end of February. Politicians beware; we could create an army of fasters.

Lal Bahadur Shastri made an earnest appeal to our countrymen when there was an acute food shortage urging them to eat only once a day. With this chronic epidemic of diseases all around could our dear Modi ji step in and make the next announcement?

By Sivakumar


There are many voices stating that “MILK IS A SILENT KILLER”…what’s your opinion?


I grew up seeing ads like doodh, doodh, doodh….piyo glassful doodh. The ‘White Revolution’ was transforming the face of India, thanks to the tireless work done by Dr.Varghese Kurien in building the iconic institution AMUL (Anand Milk Union Ltd) from scratch.

During my childhood in Durgapur, West Bengal, there was no Aavin milk or packaged milk delivered to our homes. The gwalas (cowherds) would bring their buffaloes / cows to our doorstep and milk them right in front of our eyes. The kids of the colony would line up, fill the glasses and drink this unadulterated, unpasteurized milk. I was the only kid who could not come to terms with this harrowing experiment. The aunties in my neighborhood would reprimand me stating that i would remain skinny as always, never built strength and have weak bones for the rest of my lives. But i never compromised on my anti milk value system.

Even concoctions like Boost and Bournvita could not bring me towards drinking milk,  though I deified it  and had high regards for this ‘Nectar of the Gods’, little did i realize that this very same milk would turn out to be a four letter word.

Here is a list of dangers I came across, through drinking milk:

ARGUMENT NUMBER 1 – Humans are the only species that persist with drinking milk till the end of life. They are the only species that depend on other species for milk. Have you ever heard of a tiger or a hyena drinking of cow’s milk or cat’s milk?

ARGUMENT NUMBER 2 – Cow’s milk leads to protein toxicity. Mother’s milk contains 1.6% protein. A child brought up on mother’s milk doubles its weight in 180 days. Cow’s milk contains 3.5% protein. A calf brought up on this milk doubles its weight in 47 days. Want to speed up this process? Then drink rabbit’s milk with 14.4% in protein and double your weight in 6 days. Ever wondered why the humans of this generation look twice the size of their parents? It is Milk that does the magic.

ARGUMENT NUMBER 3 – you would have definitely come across the statement that your body is meant to be alkaline. Acidic environment brings about a slew of diseases in your body including cancer. Cow’s milk upsets the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of our bodies. This statement may shock you – leads to leaching of our bones, causing osteoporosis. Isn’t this the very reason we drink milk? To prevent Osteoporosis.

ARGUMENT NUMBER 4 – Chinese state that we have two brains. Of course there is one on the top and there is one in the middle – your gut. Your gut produces more Serotonin and Dopamine (happy hormones) than your brain. Guess why depression has reached epidemic proportions in this world? Milk is the prime cause of leaky guts all over the world. Et tu Brute! For people interested in technical jargon – it is known as Lactose Intolerance.

ARGUMENT NUMBER 5 – I recently read a book called ‘Pure, White and Deadly’. It’s a story about sugar – the main culprit behind all the chronic diseases the world over. We are sugarholics and euphemistically state that we have a ‘sweet tooth’. Do you know how this sugar addiction started? Mother’s milk contains twice the carbohydrates (natural milk sweetener than cow’s milk). Babies forcefully fed on cow’s milk spit it out. Hey presto! We came up with a brilliant idea, why not mix sugar with cow’s milk and lure our babies into drinking this stuff? And now we have millions upon millions of sugar addicts, oops! Once with the sweet tooth the world over.

P.T.Usha on missing the Olympic medal by 100th of a second lamented that she could have had more milk as a child. Our super God Lord Krishna grew up as a ‘Butteroholic’. Could they have been wrong?

By Sivakumar