If Fire-walking does not attract Trichiites, then what does?

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Savy and I were juiced up after the Tony Robbins workshop. We had two beliefs strongly entrenched in our mind:

  1. If families went about their life with certainty, they could produce outstanding results
  2. If the language of the family could be transformed, then the society could be transformed and the nation would be a better place to live in.

Every morning we worked hard on bringing ourselves to a state of certainty.  Tony Robbins in order to become a millionaire purchased a castle with EMI options when he was bankrupt. The sheer pressure of clearing the EMIs drove his entire being into becoming a millionaire.

So Savy and I stepped out of TRICHY PLUS and audaciously booked a 200 seater hall in Trichy.

It was a jog down memory lane. Twenty years ago when we had a hole in our pockets, desperation drove us from house to house for selling MLM products. We had to smile at strangers, listen to their sermons and shamelessly stride forward to procure the next meal. Over the years we had built up enough egos and were not ready for yet another onslaught.

But, Family First was a new vision. We had shed our baggage of our previous companies – TRICHY PLUS, U2CAN, GATEFORUM & VERBO-CITY and strode into the battlefield with the dream of ‘building families to build the nation’.

“Who in the heck are you to build families, our families have the strongest foundations”, shrieked one lady.

“Only dysfunctional people would attend such programs”, quipped another.

People by the dozens started avoiding our phone calls. We felt like doormats. Rs 3990 (bata price) felt too high a price to pay for such a trivial stuff. People who used to sing halleluiahs about us suddenly went under-ground. Dec 7th and 8th were undoubtedly the busiest days on the planet and a ghoulish time to keep training programs.

A  leading businessman told us only 5 businesses thrive in Trichy – tuition classes for school children, buying clothes & jewelry, restaurants, marriages to display pomposity and thronging movie theatres to watch newly released crappy movies. Anything outside this dimension is not going to work.

An auditor who had become our fan after attending one of our previous workshops was told that he had been brainwashed when he recommended it to others.

But people kept surfacing in pockets to give us a ray of hope. We knocked on the doors of an insurance company as we had given them a sizeable business, only to find out the Hyde side of the Doctor Jekylls. A gentleman whom we met there by accident turned out to be one of our clients.

Finally 50 heads turned up for the event. Those who had the perseverance to stay up till the end found it life transforming.

Tony Robbins became a world-wide phenomenon through his fire-walk programs. Shiv and Savy are yet to become a Fort Station Road phenomenon.

What should be done to make Trichiites think outside the box? What should be done to make us expand our view points? Do we keep up our certainty and fight pitch battles in Trichy to elevate, upgrade and transform the minds of the people?

Already our fight against plastics and pollution has fallen on deaf ears. Do we continue giving business to people who have spurned us hoping that someday the ‘law of reciprocity’ would work?

Do we fight like martyrs only to be nailed on the cross or do you surrender to the cosmic forces and abide by the teachings of Lord Krishna – karmanye vaadhikaarasthe maafaleshukadaachana’

This is Shiv signing off from S&S Family First.


Our special thanks to the following organizations for supporting us in this event:

Vasan Estates, Dextrasys, Micheals Ice cream, Anand Engineering, Gopaldas Jewellery, Kalyani covering, Ramyas Hotel, Asia Steel, Modicare, Hindu group, Time Kids, PABCET, Sai School and many individuals

8 thoughts on “If Fire-walking does not attract Trichiites, then what does?

  1. It is unfortunate that many people are complacent and they don’t have zeal to improve their career prospects, life style, and their attitude to life.I think that it is better to catch the youngsters and groom them ,since they are the future pillars of our nation.So your shift may be towards youngsters who will create better society.Mor over, many youngsters are confused about life.

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  2. I attended Oct 2019 LIFE Workshop.
    It is a phenomenal. I have changed my thinking.
    My confidence level has increased.
    My fear has gone.
    LIFE work shop is a unique programme in Trichy.

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  3. It’s a pity that people are unable to prioritize. Give first preference to things which actually deserve it such as skill building, education etc. And give secondary and tertiary preference to other things such as recreation, vanity pursuits etc.

    It’s indeed sad that the Family First’s Life workshop is yet to get the recognition it deserves among the very Trichiites whose lives its vowed to transform and revolutionize.


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