When will these oldies understand?


He was almost killed by the police van. It happened near Malaivasal. My father in law was walking along the street, wary of the vehicles. He had to be, because every step mattered at the age of 82.

Just then a police van whizzed by brushing against his shirt. The police were possibly in a hurry to nab some terrorists and save the nation. Aren’t these incidences daily occurrences? How many of us have had our elderly folks complain to us about such incidences?

But why should we care? Does it really matter whether there 70 and 80 year olds exist? Last month my father in law was stuck in the middle of traffic in Thillainagar. Motorists zoomed to the left of him and to the right of him but every rider was kind enough not to hit him.

Serves him right, how dare come out the house at such an age. Serves him right, can’t he see we are all busy focusing on our destination, rushing to serve the nation and fulfill the greater purpose of life. How inane of this man to disturb our journey towards progress on these roads. Can’t he stay at home and let our citizen’s work hard towards making our nation a ‘super-power’.

Now it’s time for celebrations to begin at Makkal Manram. A dozen loud speakers gently play delightful music. It’s a major exhibition and this old man doesn’t seem to appreciate this great event. How else do we sell our products? Don’t we have to improve our economy?

So what if the sound, my apologies – music comes into the old man’s room, can’t you put up with it? Doesn’t he care for the next generation to prosper?

Then the real fun begins. At 2 AM, crackers burst announcing the birthday of a great politician.

And these old people do nothing but grumble. They sleep all day and can’t rejoice the birthday of a great leader whose sole mission in life is to uplift the masses.

Enough of tolerating these oldies . Let’s have a little bit of fun with them. Let’s remove the power unannounced in the middle of the night – ‘as if you had lived with a fan and AC all the time. Remember the days you used hand fan. Through technology we brought you the pleasures of electricity and can’t you put up with a power-cut?’

These oldies have been spoilt. Thanks to nations like Singapore where they are given preference in trains, queues, lanes and people even stop cars to let them cross the road. These oldies have started taking advantage of this.

It is our responsibility to educate the world on how to put these people in their place.

humbly yours,



5 thoughts on “When will these oldies understand?

  1. First of all pl. avoid using the word ” oldies ” my son. Can’t u feel some kind of mockery in using that word ma ?
    Right from Mahabharatha age a strong feeling continues – Old people are useless.
    In deep south there’s a Tamil proverb. ” காவோலையைப் பாத்துச் சிரிச்சுதாம் குறுத்தோலை ” meaning ” new tender leaf laughed at the old drying leaf. ” U understand the meaning i suppose. i.e. without realizing the fact that v will also become old in sometimes. But this is very common.. That’s the pity.


  2. The sarcasm is put across well but I disagree with the assumption that this is a new age problem. It’s in a form that one can see today hence it catches our eyes.

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