BREAK THE RULES – a remedy for our Education System


India ranks 57th in the Global Innovation Index. Yes we are proud to be ahead of the likes of Morocco, Albania, Srilanka, Rwanda, Pakistan and Yemen. But isn’t innovation index an indicator of the quality of brains in the country?

It irks me as to why European countries and even small nations like Israel and Qatar consistently perform better than us. A few years ago, I had attended an Edward De Bono workshop. There we were taught a tool called ‘PO’.

Bono asked us – what are the key elements that are required for running a restaurant. The audience replied – kitchen, menu, chef, waiter, bill and so on. Bono asked us to think of a restaurant without kitchen where food could be brought from home and eaten in a better ambiance; think of a restaurant without a menu, where food is prepared based on the suggestions given by the customers; think of a restaurant without a waiter, where college students could volunteer to provide impeccable service.

These are absolutely out of the box suggestions. Could our minds accept these radical thoughts? Since time immemorial, we have been stuck with Ramayana, Mahabharata, Traditional music and dance forms. We don’t seem to be getting outside the stereotype ‘pattimandrams’ and debates. Whereas the west has innovated and progressed from Superman, Batman to Avengers. We still seem to be obsessed with ‘Hanu-man’.

I don’t deny the importance of culture. We should indeed be proud of our rich heritage and culture. My moot point is, we should not be stuck in our traditions and rote learning passed down generations at the cost of innovation.

In the last 21 years I have interacted with over a million students through TRICHY PLUS. My constant observation has been that young minds have been hardened and calcified though imitative learning. It is the need of the hour to infuse our young minds with ‘PO’ for isn’t education the foundation towards innovation?


3 thoughts on “BREAK THE RULES – a remedy for our Education System

  1. Today’s people are not thinking out of the box absolutely true but the problem is in our Indian Education System.
    This Indian Education System were designed by British people before 70 years or more than that, I don’t know the exact time.
    This education system won’t stimulate our right brain.
    Most of the Indians are left sided brain.
    Creativity , Innovative thinking are on right side of our brain. That time British people were needed left side brain people. So British people fixed one education system which doesn’t stimulate the right side of people’s brain.
    So my conclusion is change in education system can helps us to think out of the box, creative and innovative.

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  2. Theoretical learning is given more importance whilst practical application is being neglected in large cases. We are being taught to memorize and mug up blindly with no idea of how to apply our learning in the real world. Also, the skills necessary to survive in the world, financial skill, interpersonal skills, creative skills etc should be in school syllabus from primary.

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