Are Sugar substitutes good for health?


Being a diabetic, I had been regularly consuming sugar free pills considering it as an excellent sugar substitute. Even television ads promote it as an alternative for diabetics craving to have Diwali sweets. I had been an ignoramus; I could have just typed into Google and figured out the dangers of Sugar Free – ASPARTAME.

Little did I know that Aspartame gets converted to Methanol and becomes formaldehyde. Diet Coke, which is meant for weight watchers, is stuffed with Aspartame. So what does Aspartame do? This chemical rich substitute clogs your cells, increases the toxicity in your body and ultimately leads to kidney problems and cancer. Also poor cellular function ultimately leads to ‘Weight Gain’.

So could you have ‘Stevia’ (sucralose) instead? Recently, a woman in Australia was admitted to hospital for Chlorine poisoning. It turned out that she was consuming too much stevia in her cakes, puddings and oat meal breakfast. One of the by products of stevia is chlorine.

We have become a recently turned strength building enthusiasts. To increase our muscle mass we purchased whey protein (fast protein) and casein (slow protein). The casein protein turned out to have tonnes of sucralose. So customers beware, read the labels before you purchase.

But there is good news, Honey (madhu) is a rich source of Amino acids, minerals and is anti bacterial. In fact it’s more a food than a sugar substitute. Dates are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre. Check out for original honey and dates, otherwise you could get into trouble.

I had been following a popular Healer’s guidelines and having jaggery / karupatti for six months. This led to a phenomenal rise in my sugars. Thanks to the Healer’s advice. In this technologically advanced world, just get a gluco sensor fitted on you and that will clearly indicate what will spike your insulin. Dr.Deyanandan has clearly made his patients realise that many of these alternatives like jaggery and karupatti do more harm than good.

One of our friends following the ‘Paleo Diet’ states that anything sweet once it goes below the throat is glucose. During a walk last month at Merina Beach in Chennai, we were approached by a man who sold claimed to sell health drink with palm sugar. Though his sales pitch was convincing, we knew that the gluco sensor would give a different answer. We smiled and declined his offer.

Some other decent sugar substitutes are Maple syrup and Coconut sugar. The best substitute for diabetics is ‘Stevia’. None of these substitutes have a Glycemic Index (GI) of more than 50 which is half the GI of pure sugar.


“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art” – La Rochefoucauld

Kindly lay your hands on the book ‘Pure, white and deadly’ by John Yudkin. This best seller claims that sugar is the cause of almost all chronic diseases in the world.

Picture of Gluco Sensor


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