Lord Vishnu reclined on Aadiseshan at Vaikunta, gave instructions to sage Narada, “go forth and tell the humans of the world – they should take bath thrice a day and eat once a day.” What Narada did was one of the biggest bloopers in Chinese Whispers. He told the humans, “eat thrice a day and take bath once a day”.

Kamatchy Sapani, a well know journalist from Malaysia shared her experience while living with tribals in the Indonesian forests for nearly a month. She stated that these tribals ate only when their body necessitated that it should, which could be even once in 3 or 4 days.

The whites were aghast at the poor eating habits of PIMA Indians in North America. These uncivilized tribals had not matured into eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and surprisingly remained fit, devoid of the chronic diseases ravaging modern men. There is an encryption in Egypt where it is written – one fourth of the food you eat is meant for your body, three forth for the doctor.

Gandhiji’s mother was a serial faster and mentored the ‘father of our nation’ into becoming a world class faster. I recollect, as a child spending my holidays with my grandparents. There were strictly only two meals in a day. An early lunch and an early dinner. All my grandparents comfortably breezed past 80 years of age.

Studies on mice indicate that 30% reduction in calorific intake results in 30% increase in longevity. Every specie tested on has produced the same result. The only specie which has not been tested upon is human beings. Last year, the Nobel Prize winner in medicine, won it for his studies on Autophagy (a body devoid of food eats its own toxins and dead cells and strengthens its immune system)

Our body starved of glucose (bad fuel) switches over to ketones (good fuel). In this keto mode, the body gets rid of intestitial fat, reduces insulin secretion, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces bad cholesterol, reduces inflammation and improves the performance of the Cardio-vascular system.

Savi and I have been experimenting with ‘Intermittent fasting’ for more than a month. We have lunch at 2.30 pm with a higher dose of proteins and fats and an early dinner at 7.30 pm. We abstain from eating rest of the time, save for liquids like green tea, water and lemon juice. The going has been tough but overcoming this craving for food makes us feel good. We also have a 24 hour fast on Saturdays.

The next summit that we plan to scale is a three day fast perhaps by end of February. Politicians beware; we could create an army of fasters.

Lal Bahadur Shastri made an earnest appeal to our countrymen when there was an acute food shortage urging them to eat only once a day. With this chronic epidemic of diseases all around could our dear Modi ji step in and make the next announcement?

By Sivakumar


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