There are many voices stating that “MILK IS A SILENT KILLER”…what’s your opinion?


I grew up seeing ads like doodh, doodh, doodh….piyo glassful doodh. The ‘White Revolution’ was transforming the face of India, thanks to the tireless work done by Dr.Varghese Kurien in building the iconic institution AMUL (Anand Milk Union Ltd) from scratch.

During my childhood in Durgapur, West Bengal, there was no Aavin milk or packaged milk delivered to our homes. The gwalas (cowherds) would bring their buffaloes / cows to our doorstep and milk them right in front of our eyes. The kids of the colony would line up, fill the glasses and drink this unadulterated, unpasteurized milk. I was the only kid who could not come to terms with this harrowing experiment. The aunties in my neighborhood would reprimand me stating that i would remain skinny as always, never built strength and have weak bones for the rest of my lives. But i never compromised on my anti milk value system.

Even concoctions like Boost and Bournvita could not bring me towards drinking milk,  though I deified it  and had high regards for this ‘Nectar of the Gods’, little did i realize that this very same milk would turn out to be a four letter word.

Here is a list of dangers I came across, through drinking milk:

ARGUMENT NUMBER 1 – Humans are the only species that persist with drinking milk till the end of life. They are the only species that depend on other species for milk. Have you ever heard of a tiger or a hyena drinking of cow’s milk or cat’s milk?

ARGUMENT NUMBER 2 – Cow’s milk leads to protein toxicity. Mother’s milk contains 1.6% protein. A child brought up on mother’s milk doubles its weight in 180 days. Cow’s milk contains 3.5% protein. A calf brought up on this milk doubles its weight in 47 days. Want to speed up this process? Then drink rabbit’s milk with 14.4% in protein and double your weight in 6 days. Ever wondered why the humans of this generation look twice the size of their parents? It is Milk that does the magic.

ARGUMENT NUMBER 3 – you would have definitely come across the statement that your body is meant to be alkaline. Acidic environment brings about a slew of diseases in your body including cancer. Cow’s milk upsets the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of our bodies. This statement may shock you – leads to leaching of our bones, causing osteoporosis. Isn’t this the very reason we drink milk? To prevent Osteoporosis.

ARGUMENT NUMBER 4 – Chinese state that we have two brains. Of course there is one on the top and there is one in the middle – your gut. Your gut produces more Serotonin and Dopamine (happy hormones) than your brain. Guess why depression has reached epidemic proportions in this world? Milk is the prime cause of leaky guts all over the world. Et tu Brute! For people interested in technical jargon – it is known as Lactose Intolerance.

ARGUMENT NUMBER 5 – I recently read a book called ‘Pure, White and Deadly’. It’s a story about sugar – the main culprit behind all the chronic diseases the world over. We are sugarholics and euphemistically state that we have a ‘sweet tooth’. Do you know how this sugar addiction started? Mother’s milk contains twice the carbohydrates (natural milk sweetener than cow’s milk). Babies forcefully fed on cow’s milk spit it out. Hey presto! We came up with a brilliant idea, why not mix sugar with cow’s milk and lure our babies into drinking this stuff? And now we have millions upon millions of sugar addicts, oops! Once with the sweet tooth the world over.

P.T.Usha on missing the Olympic medal by 100th of a second lamented that she could have had more milk as a child. Our super God Lord Krishna grew up as a ‘Butteroholic’. Could they have been wrong?

By Sivakumar


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