YOU CAN BECOME THIN – Part 4 (Following the 32 Principle Rule)



My friend and associate, Nagarjan is an ardent eater. On our outstation trips, we used to keep the hawkers and vendors busy. We would not turn down anyone. Samosas, bhelpuris, Chole Bhaturas, Golgappas, aloo tikkis, puri bhaji, pakoras, bajjis and all delicacies would find their way into our fathomless stomach. In the bargain our BMI’s rose to new heights. Nagaraj and his petite wife Janaki became rotund and chubby. His kith and kin believed that they were in the pink of their health but Nagaraj knew otherwise.

The couple took the ‘32 Principle challenge’ – eat whatever you want, don’t restrain yourself but eat consciously. Every mouthful has to be chewed and masticated by your teeth 32 times before it passes down into your digestive system.

Nagaraj claims that before this ordeal he could consume eight adais (pancakes prepared from a combination of 3 to 4 pulses) in one meal. Now eating just two adais was quite filling. His brain signalled that this consumption was his upper limit and compelled him to stop. In a matter of one month Nagaraj shed 10 kilos and so did his wife Janaki.

Weight loss clinics; see to it that this message does not spread across otherwise you would be out of business.

I have tried this method but find it very difficult to concentrate on the number of times I bite the food. After biting twelve times, the very desire for eating dissipates. It’s a highly boring affair but a great way to reduce your calorie intake.

Any takers?

A moments insight is worth a lifetime experience – Oliver Wendell Holmes



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