I QUIT MY I.T JOB – a photographer speaks

I was a born on the winter morning of 3rd December, 1989, in this beautiful Cauvery flowing land Tiruchirapalli. I was born in a lovely, loud, fun loving and giving family of four. My entire education and life till 2011 had revolved around the culture and the cities of the southern tip of India.

I completed my engineering in 2011 and started my career as an engineer in one of India’s leading IT companies. Though I started my career with artificially enforced passion with the herd culture (like any graduate in TN), later realized that my mind called on to something else. I started searching for ‘the something’ that would quench my thirst of fulfilment.

I was in a state of passion quest. It didn’t take me long before I realized that I was an admirer, an admirer of everyday happenings of life, an admirer of simple pleasures of life. I wanted to capture every moment that took my breath away and freeze them, freeze them for me, freeze for the ones who wanted, freeze them for general admiring and I did. I was bitten by a shutter bug. Yes, indeed I was and I have never been happier and accomplished in my span on this earth.

I don’t run by a single role model. As I get awestruck by simple pleasures of life, I get inspired by events and I get modulated by situation. I pick up the best qualities of the people I come across in different walks of life and try adapting them into my lifestyle. Lately I have discovered that travelling inspires me a lot, this way I am exposed to the world and made to realize how little I know of this mammoth complications knitted by social beings.

As of last week, I have quit my job as an engineer and started following my passion – “photography”. I am a firm believer in the fact that there is always an opportunity for the seeker and challenge for the innovator. And so, I never take account of them.

These are some of my pictures, that i have shot and are my favourite. If you see closely, each one will tell you a story :)…!

*The photographs above are protected under copyright law. Please do not copy or circulate without permission of the photographer.   

Contact Sivaraj R at siva31289@gmail.com, +91-9940866265​


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