THE SAGARIKKA FACTOR – From Change to Transformation by Sivakumar


Put a red car in a room flooded with yellow light, what is the car’s colour now? Yellow, isn’t it? However much the car is rubbed, the colour is still yellow. What should you do to bring back the original colour? Simple, take it out of the room.

Go through the same rigmarole and you become a grind of the mill. The same job, the same places of visit, the same eateries, the same food, the same movies and finally the same faces. Candidly speaking, what difference will this year make. We wake up on 1st of Jan, decide to exercise, save some money, read some books and by the 10th of Jan, we will get back to our normal state. We are back to where we are. The problem is with the word “CHANGE”. “CHANGE” will enlarge you, contort you, distort you, skew you but your resilience brings you back to where you are and you remain you. What is needed is “NOT CHANGE but TRANSFORMATION”.

Folks, we don’t want to take a trip down the Ego lane and share our minor successes and failures. 2015 was a year that we can never forget. We got a paradigm shift in parenting. Our “Teenaging kid”, had obtained mediocre marks in her 10th standard. The kid was confused and had no dreams, only fears. Was this time for us to advice her and push her down the beaten path? Instead, we asked her to “UNSKOOL” herself and explore life and savour it before her next step………. And what a journey it has been………

Her dreams made us trek as far as Mt.Kailash. We transformed into kids, touched by the fairy’s wand. We experienced the working of banks, hotels, BPO’s, industries and hospitals. We became management students again, talking about the intricacies of every business. Her curiosity took us to seminars from NASSCOM, IIM’s, CII, MMA to Book Club. She rekindled my interest in science & mathematics. We visited numerous Science exhibitions, understanding semi conductors, capacitors, aeroplanes, cars and power plants. Every evening is a journey, discovering the difference between Dot & cross product vectors, why matrices exist, why slopes are the essence of differential equations, how to build motors, why Physics works, how atoms and molecules talk to each other through Gibbs law and the design of orbitals.

Conservative people like us who stick to the world of Mutual Funds have taken a plunge into the world of stocks. We are on the path close to understanding Java applications, Android, IOS, animation and web design. Savitri is diligently working on her Zumba steps. Writing has become a part and parcel of our life. We are now known as bloggers. Funny, isn’t it?

In this journey we have met Film actors, movie directors, high court judges, writers, scientists, army generals, Artists, businessmen and industrialists.

We thank our friends and well wishers, who have supported us all along. People usually talk about mid-life crisis. I never knew this is what it would be. We have set ourselves on a pulsating journey, as we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We are discovering ourselves through this “Teenaging Kid”.

Needed a Sagarikka, to take us out of the room of yellow light and look at the world differently. We wish you all get a “SAGARIKKA FACTOR” which makes you TRANSFORM instead of the mundane change.


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2 thoughts on “THE SAGARIKKA FACTOR – From Change to Transformation by Sivakumar

  1. Siva, we call it the “Triple S factor” because somehow, as your friends, we feel like we too have participated/ are participating in this ‘Transformation’…It is a delightful revelation, a discovery as you take us through this journey of yours’.

    Looking forward to this amazing vicarious experience…

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