A patriotic Biotechnologist – story of Manimekalai



It was a lazy afternoon; I was in my ‘Protein Purification’ class handled by Dr. Sashidhar, my department HOD and also my mentor. As any other normal teenager,  I too had no interest in the M.Sc (Integrated) Biomedical course which I was pursuing, rather my heart was set on journalism. Out of the blue, I heard him say “I’d make sure that at the end of the 5th year everyone will have your eyes set in the science field”. Inside my heart I dared that he could never. Known for his perseverance, eventually he made me fall in love with my subject.

Born in the horse year (July 24, 1990), along with loyalty, warm-heart, straightforwardness, came my lack of persistence trait. Even though I loved my subject, I was hesitant to choose that as a career. The dormant year following my graduation, two people influenced my life.

One came in the form of a book – ‘The Wings of Fire – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’ which had a great impact and reinforced the thought, Science and Technology are the backbone of a country’s development. “Do you know your inner potential? Do you believe in that? Is your life in your hand? If you can make decisions in your life without others influence, your life will be great” – these were his words in the book (A rough translation from the Tamil version). These words stirred my heart and after all the chaotic confusions I decided my life. I am a diehard patriotic and with a degree in science it made me re-consider my career path and here I am – a Research Scholar in the field of Biotechnology.

The other person is my Godfather – Mr.Shivakumar of TRICHY PLUS. He taught me a lot about life and still continues to do so. I learnt ‘whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’ from him. That is the  mantra of my life. I owe him not just the success in my life but also my happiness.

With a close knit family of 5, my mom, Rani, and dad, Subramaniyan, always wanted the three of us – me, my brother (Tamiliniyan) and my sister (Kalaivani) to have only two things – Education & humility. Anything other than these two about life was taught by my Godfather.

Being in a science field, there are a lot of challenges in terms of time and perseverance. But then what else in life is an easy pick. Dr.Sashidhar always says that working in science is like meditation. You need not be a nerd to be a scientist, which I blindly believe in till now. I am still in the learning process but two things that I can say are science can be chosen as a career as it not only holds a promising result but also it is the need of the hour. Love for science is what makes me going and I am thankful to my mentor to have made his words true.

I’ve just started my journey and there are miles to go before I sleep. I might stumble, stagger or swag but I still choose to continue my journey, for this path is my choice.

Contact Manimekalai at : smani_2407@yahoo.in




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